Five steps to a better business

Has your business lost its Mojo?

If you are just starting out, or if you think your business needs a boost, a fresh new image could be just what you need.


Look good

The first step is to get yourself a quality logo.

These days, logos don't have to cost the earth.

We can design you a logo from only $290.
When you consider what it can do for your business image and the wide variety of applications it can be used for - it's well worth the investment.
Call us on 1300 846 221 for more info.

When you get your logo, use it!

Your new logo should be used for all your marketing.
Business cards, website, invoices, van signage and for whatever else you need.


Get a quality website

One that works for your business - and actually works!

Many websites we check out won’t open or are too slow to load - which just sends people away.

You want one designed by a professional so it looks great and has all the correct coding.
The cheap or free do-it-yourself ones stand out like dogs you-know-whats!

You want one that gives potential customers the right first impression so that they want to call.

You want one that has all the correct details and is grammatically correct.

A website will last you for years, so it's critical you get it right - first go.

We do such websites from just $495 - click here to find out more.


Get mobile

Look around. How many people do you know have a smart phone? These days, practically every one.

So if you want potential clients to contact you it is an absolute must that they be able to find you on their smart phone.

Many of us do things on the go or while waiting for the kids to finish their sporting activity and this is the time people use their phones to tee up tradesmen.

Check out our affordable mobile websites here.


Get found online

You probably get calls every week from overseas telemarketers promising to get your business to the top of Google - GUARANTEED!

Our best advice - be very wary!

High search rankings are getting incredibly competitive, so before you part with your hard earned cash, make sure you see actual results - for your industry - and make sure they are legitimate.

Our team specialise in getting tradies found online - and we can show you proven results.

Call us on 1300 846 221 and we can explain how it all works in more detail.


get your mojo back

We have been in business for almost 30 years and understand the online world that can be so confusing to people who don’t use the Internet all the time.

We can come up with a marketing package to suit any budget and get your business online and into this century!

Phone 1300 846 221 or click here to send an email.


About the author

Chris Hatcher is the founder of Ontime Media - an online marketing business dedicated to trade professionals.